10th Anniversary of McFarlane Dental – Invisalign Special $1,110 off!

In celebrations of the 10th Anniversary of McFarlane Dental, I want to say thank you to

Celebration of McFarlane Dental 10th Anniversary
10th Anniversary celebration balloons

patients by celebrating for an entire year – the Year of Jubilee.

We will be offering Quarterly Specials that will run for 3 months apiece. The first quarterly special will run from August 2018 through the end of October 2018.

Invisalign Special – we are taking the pricing back 10-years. Normally, $5610. If you pay in full between August 1st, 2018 – October 31st, 2018, we will bill it out at the same fee we did in 2010, $4500. [Instant Rebate: $1110.] Schedule your consultation today online, or call: 512-454-2744.

Exciting news about how we approach treatment: [We’ve learned a lot in 10 years.]

  1. We co-diagnose the case. Meaning: the doctor and patient look at the case together to decide what needs to be fixed.
  2. We collect all your records in 1 visit. 1. You will need a panoramic x-ray 2. You will need a full set of photos of your teeth. 3. You will need an impression (or) scan of your teeth.
  3. We can now scan your teeth digitally. Meaning: We can now scan your teeth directly into the computer and send the scan (digital impression) directly to Aligntech (Invisalign). We no longer have to make an impression with the gooey impression material sitting in your mouth for three and a half minutes per arch.

The result of digitally scanned cases so far has been: 1. better fitting trays. 2. you don’t

have to come into the office as often because the cases track more accurately. 3. the trays fit so well you may only have to wear each tray for 8-days instead of 2-weeks like we used to do 10-years ago!

Background on Invisalign: When I graduated from dental school in 2008. I went directly to the AGD (Academy of General Dentistry) National Meeting in Orlando, FL. I was so excited to start doing Invisalign that I took the course before I even took over the practice. I sat through the course enthralled. The reason the course was so fun and exciting was because it debunked some major myths. It answered the quintessential question of: “What moves teeth?” It might sound like a simple question, but, in fact, there is some unique nuance to this question. Force moves teeth. But, the idea that only brackets and wires can move teeth is a lie.

Light forces move teeth better than heavy forces. Do you want to know why? Light forces before-and-afterocclwebapply a mild pressure to one side of the bone in the tooth socket and pull lightly on the other side of the socket stretching the PDL fibers. The response of the bone around the tooth is to remodel, effectively allowing the tooth to pass through with no damage to the supporting structures. This explains why Clear Aligner Therapy (Invisalign) can be faster in some cases than brackets and wires. What type of force does brackets and wires apply? You guessed it – heavy forces. What happens when you apply heavy forces? The side of the socket in the direction of the movement experiences excessive pressure causing necrosis of that side of the bone. This causes ‘jump movement’ of the teeth, whereby the bone dies and is then removed by osteoclasts and replaced by osteoblasts. This movement hurts and is much more caustic to the patient than Invisalign. For this same reason, you do not see root resorption with Invisalign, but, you do see root resorption (root damage) from brackets and wires.

Patients in Invisalign often describe the mild discomfort of feeling the light pressure on beforeandafter2018standardswebtheir teeth as a good pressure as it feels good and they can tell that the teeth are moving.

The lab fee for a comprehensive Invisalign case is $1779.00; this cost represents the practice overhead for starting an Invisalign case as of 2018. A typical case requires somewhere on the order of 10 visits, 28 trays, 1-year of management, and possibly refinement. I do not offer specials on this service regularly. This special is truly just an opportunity to say thank you to my patients who have been so kind to me for the past 10-years. I am grateful and so I thought I would try to do something nice.

Thank you to all our wonderful patients!


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