TAP-3 Appliance (Snoring, Sleep Apnea, TMJD)

Dr. McFarlane: “So, we came to deliver the TAP-3 appliance, today… to follow-up. We delivered it last week. And now, we’re following up to see, ‘How does it feel?’” Patient: “It’s great.” Dr. McFarlane: “OK. Now, tell me a little bit about what you were telling me earlier about sleep. How was your quality of sleep?” Patient: “Well, before, you know my snoring would wake me up.” Dr. McFarlane: “OK.” Patient: “[With this appliance] I could tell the first night that I slept all the way through the night. And I actually woke up, earlier than the alarm. And it felt good! I didn’t feel really tired!” Dr. McFarlane: “Alert?” Patient: “Yes.” Dr. McFarlane: “For the first time in…?” Patient: “A long, long time - Several years.” Dr. McFarlane: “And you were comparing that to… Read More »