Before and After Same Day Resin composites to close diastema

 Click the picture to see it enlarged Before and After Photos are favorites for people discovering what is possible. This patient presented with a history of her friends making fun of her and telling her that "she looks British." This jabbing hurt her feelings and she asked if there was anything we could do about it. Patients who have an open diastema, which is the technical name for the space between the teeth, have 2 primary options when closing the space. A minimal (or) no prep veneer, such as a Lumineer. Same day in-office treatment with a white resin composite. A porcelain veneer has a very beautiful finish and a very high shine. Porcelain veneers tend to last 10 to 15 to even 20 years. They stay very shiny. Usually they have esthetic failures at… Read More »

Before and After In-Office Whitening (photo with no flash)

Click to enlarge This is a before and after in-office whitening. This took 5 (15-minute) sessions all completed in one sitting. The teeth moved up the shade guide considerably. This was taken using 'No Flash.' Because it is hard for a camera to capture the real effect your eyes can see with an in-office whitening. This is because when a camera flashes it resets the white balance. So, these images with no flash are a better representation of what your eyes actually see when it comes to color change. It is harder to get a perfect focus without a flash. :) Read More »