Covid-19 Update

Simple steps to keeping Covid-19 out of the office:
1. If a staff member is sick, stay home for 1-month.
2. If a staff member has come in contact with someone who is sick, stay home for 14-days to make sure that you do not develop symptoms.
3. If a patient is sick or has come in contact with someone who is sick, reschedule them for 1-month to allow them to quarantine themselves.
4. “We love you. BUT, we are not shaking hands, hugging, or giving and receiving physical affection right now, until the threat of the virus is diminished.”
5. All staff will wear PPE correctly at all times when working clinically. We will all wash hands before and after every patient. I want people to know we are keeping it clean.
6. We will employ the Spray-Wipe-Spray-10, for each chair, counter top, and all lines. This is the highest level of clean achievable.
7. We will not touch the computer at any time with our gloves on, no matter what.
8. Patients will insert their own credit card into the CC machine.
9. Take patient’s temperature- 100°F is the cut off.
10. No waiting room.
11. Immunocompromised patients, patients over 65, children under 2, and pregnant women will be recommended to push routine appointments pushed back by 1-month.
12. Anyone who has traveled out of the country within the past month will be required to be rescheduled 1-month later to allow for self-quarantine.