Special Offer for Invisalign for the month of April, 2018


Have you always wanted straight teeth but did not want to be a “metal mouth?” We have the solution for you, INVISALIGN. In under an hour Dr. Mobley can take pictures and impressions of your mouth and write a treatment plan. Within a few short weeks you will have custom made clear trays with an individualized plan for moving your teeth. You will get the benefits of straight teeth without the ugly metal and wires.

  • Full Case $5610
  • April promo $4610
  • (Treatment estimated to last over 6 months)

  • Express Case $4610
  • April promo $4000
  • (Treatment estimated to last 3-6 months)

All Invisalign patients MUST be free of cavities and receive ongoing cleanings, either at our office or another office. The best smiles are healthy smiles.

Wait no longer to get the smile you deserve! Invisalign promo will run until April 30th 2018.

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