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Esthetic Correction of Failed Color Match

The patient presented with a discolored filling on the tip. The old filling was made partially translucent, which normally looks very nice and very natural. In this case, the patient's natural teeth are mostly opaque, which makes the filling look slightly darker. Separately, composites are known to slightly yellow in shade over time. So, the before picture shows an older filling that due to yellowing and translucency, now looks darker than the natural tooth. Before (#9) Central Tooth with discolored filling Before (#9) Central Tooth with discolored filling - view 2 After (#9) Central Tooth with completed replaced filling After (#9) Central Tooth with completed replaced filling - view 2 When replacing the filling, I chose a more opaque and very bright white filling to match the opacity of the tooth. It is not wrong… Read More »

Broken Tooth Magic

If you have a broken tooth, this can occur due to fracture from chewing ice, or almonds. You could break your tooth from playing impact sports, e.g. football, soccer, basketball, skateboarding, and many others. One of your teeth could fracture due to undermining caries that cause a large cavitated decay under the surface of the tooth. Before restoration with crown, fractured anterior tooth. After restoration with crown, tooth restored This patient had a history of a crown on the adjacent tooth. We were able to restore it and deliver the crown the same day. These 2 photos were taken 2 hours apart. The gums are slightly red in the second shot, but, that will resolve given 1 day. If you need to schedule an appointment, Book Today Online. Or Give us a call 512-454-2744 Sincerely,… Read More »

Top 10 Ways to Prevent Cavities

Brush for 2-minutes in the morning and 2-minutes at night.Timing Matters - Brush after breakfast.Floss every day.Timing Matters - Floss at bedtime.Use a fluoridated toothpaste. We can write a prescription for a high fluoride toothpaste (for patients who are high risk for cavities.)When wearing an appliance (e.g. Invisible or clear braces,) take it out to eat or drink. Brush and floss before you put it back in.Avoid sugary foods.Timing Matters - if you eat a bag of Skittles, it is better to eat the whole bag in one sitting rather than eating one skittle every thirty minutes, which keeps the pH in your mouth below the critical pH of 5.5, below which your teeth dissolve away.Drink a lot of water to help wash away plaque.Don't drink energy drinks. They are terrible for your teeth and… Read More »
fractured tooth

Fractured Tooth – Before and After

When a patient fractures a premolar, it depends on the angulation of the fracture, whether it can be saved with a crown or not. If the angle of fracture is oblique, (and comes out at a 45° angle, or even vertically then turns 90°,) then, a block of tooth breaks off, and the tooth can be rebuilt with a build-up and a crown. I will often rebuild these with minim pins placed very carefully 1.5mm from the outer edge of the tooth, this prevents tooth fracture, and keeps it out of the pulp chamber. Then, I will cure composite back onto the tooth and into the space around the pin(s) that are intended to retain the build-up. Then, you can make a crown. For premolars and anteriors, I like the beauty and strength of Obsidian… Read More »

Covid-19 Update

last changed: 6/21/2020 Effective Monday, June 22, with the approval of Governor Abbott, many local governments in Texas have issued ordinances that require businesses to adopt Health and Safety plans that require customers to wear masks. McFarlane Dental will require the use of masks or facial coverings by all of our staff, patients, and vendors. The CDC, state of Texas, and local health officials strongly recommend the use of masks or facial coverings in all public spaces as a proven way to slow the spread of coronavirus. Many COVID-19 cases are asymptomatic, so, wearing masks, washing hands, sanitizing, and physical distancing can all help keep Texans healthy. (much of this text and tone has been borrowed from HEB,, accessed on 6/21/2020) COVID-19 City of Austin Key Indicators for Staging is a great resource for… Read More »
Black Friday 2019

Black Friday Whitening Special Directions

It's that special time of year when we run a promotion! $200 off IN-office 1-hour Whitening. This promotion will be good for 1 week Nov. 29th - Dec. 6th, 2019. Normally, $520, take $200 off and buy this as a gift for your spouse, family member, friend, and your self. After you take off $200, the total comes to $320. Go to the Pay Now page. This is our secure 3rd party payment site.Enter your billing information, at the bottom under additional information, under Patient Name - put the name of the person who will be receiving the In-Office Whitening.After advancing to the next page enter $320. Read More »
Internal Bleaching

How Does Internal Bleaching Work?

Let me set the stage for you. You are walking with your friends. Suddenly, you fall and hit your face against the ground. You feel shaken, and your nose has a small cut, with blood on your upper lip. Your friends ask you, "Are you alright?" You quickly assess yourself, and tell them, "I am fine. It's just a scrape. We're good, let's keep walking." Unfortunately, sometimes the damage is unseen. The front tooth took the brunt of that impact spontaneously dies and later either requires a root canal or undergoes a sterile necrosis. Fast forward 3 years, and now seemingly out of nowhere, the tooth has turned brown and looks like it has died. The tooth probably died shortly after the accident and started walling itself off internally. The remaining pulpal tissue (old blood… Read More »

What’s Maryland Bridge?

A Maryland Bridge is a minimal prep bridge that can be used as an alternative to a full bridge and as an alternative to a surgical dental implant. Posterior Maryland Bridge in place, replacing #3 Maryland Bridge Prep, shown without Maryland Bridge Maryland Bridge Shown being held adjacent to the Model Maryland Bridge shown in place on the model (view 1) Maryland Bridge shown in place on the model (view 2) Teeth showing Maryland Bridge Prep (mirror) Teeth with Maryland Bridge in place (lingual aspect) Teeth with Maryland Bridge in place (highlighting facial aspect) Teeth with Maryland Bridge in place. [The farthest back tooth visible in this picture is porcelain from the bridge.] This case allowed a minimal prep design Maryland Bridge to be used to replace the missing 1st molar. The patient was able… Read More »
Discs make all the difference

The Importance of Being Polished

I was working on fillings for my patient and I noticed some of her old composite work, which was completed by a different dentist at her old office, was starting to show it's age. Composites, the white resin fillings, often look impeccable the day that they are placed. Little by little composites tend to lose their beauty because they discolor around the margins, due to stains collecting at these areas. I use discs to polish the margins of my composites because it makes a meaningful difference in their finished appearance. So, in this case, I was looking at the old composites and I asked the patient if she would mind if I smoothed off the edges of the old composites. She said, "Oh, sure. I guess so." I went over the edge of the composite… Read More »