Dr. Russell McFarlane

I’m Dr. Russell McFarlane D.D.S. (Austin, TX native, born and raised.) I attended The University of Texas, where I was a proud member of the Longhorn Singers, and Camp Texas. I am currently serving as a deacon at Covenant Presbyterian Church. Did you know…? A deacon’s role is to take care of people who need your help.

Top: Russell McFarlane, Marizol, Lisa Bottom: Madeline, Jena, Toni

Our office has reinvested into the infrastructure of the office adding and integrating new technology every year to further enhance the delivery of dental care and the experience of our patients. Here is a list of the improvements: digital x-rays, clear aligners therapy (Invisalign) for orthodontic care, implant placement, before and after photography of cases, digital appointment reminders (email and text), and conscious sedation for anxious patients, book appointments online, pay online, low-cost fixed payment plans.

I pursued my interest in dentistry by attending The University of Texas Health Science Center UT Dental Branch, in Houston, TX.  I completed dental school and came back home to Austin, where I now practice.  I acquired the practice of Dr. Hal R Moore in August of 2008.

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