Fractured Tooth Emergency Repair with Same Day Crown

Patient presented with a fractured off tooth, which we were able to repair in-office same day with an all ceramic crown.

Fractured Tooth Repaired with All Ceramic Crown
Fractured Tooth Repaired with All Ceramic Crown

We used the laser to lower the gums, so there is some slight coloration in the gums (right now temporarily) from the use of the laser. That mild discoloration at the gumline will be gone in 1-4 days.

We used 1 cartridge of 4% Articaine given via infiltration locally on the tooth. This did not require a full Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block. The tooth was carefully prepped and the gums lowered to allow an adequate ferrule for retention.

The ‘A1’ shade Obsidian Block was characterized with some cream coloration to help match the natural teeth which have mild light horizontal striations. We were able to seat this crown, same day and this tooth is taken care of and the patient does not have to walk around with a very nearly exposed pulp chamber. The patient had not felt any serious pain on this tooth, and so we are not expecting to need a root canal for this tooth.

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