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24 Jul

Healthy Smiles, Inside & Out

There are so many ways to stay healthy: flossing, and brushing. Sometimes adjuncts such as water flossers, and rinses are appropriate as well. Flossing is great because it breaks up the biofilm. The long-term benefit is the ripple-out health effects of improving full body health. The plaque around the gums in perio patients comprises bacteria

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Before and After

After several years of doing small fixes to the teeth, it was finally time to fix them. We have been maintaining this wonderful patient for the past 14-years, and this year we decided it was time to take a step forward with the smile, and repair the damaged and aging enamel with a set of

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19 Jan
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Esthetic Correction of Failed Color Match

The patient presented with a discolored filling on the tip. The old filling was made partially translucent, which normally looks very nice and very natural. In this case, the patient’s natural teeth are mostly opaque, which makes the filling look slightly darker. Separately, composites are known to slightly yellow in shade over time. So, the

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Broken Tooth Magic

If you have a broken tooth, this can occur due to fracture from chewing ice, or almonds. You could break your tooth from playing impact sports, e.g. football, soccer, basketball, skateboarding, and many others. One of your teeth could fracture due to undermining caries that cause a large cavitated decay under the surface of the

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3 Sep

Top 10 Ways to Prevent Cavities

Brush for 2-minutes in the morning and 2-minutes at night. Timing Matters – Brush after breakfast. Floss every day. Timing Matters – Floss at bedtime. Use a fluoridated toothpaste. We can write a prescription for a high fluoride toothpaste (for patients who are high risk for cavities.) When wearing an appliance (e.g. Invisible or clear

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9 Jul

Advanced Tooth Prosthetics

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