Fractured Teeth – Conserve Tooth Structure with an Inlay

4 Apr

When a tooth fractures, an inlay can be a conservative option if a full crown is not required due to structural requirements.

Inlay to restore a fractured tooth adjacent to an old amalgam

In this case a tooth had a thin area of tooth along the MB of #14 (photo taken in patient mirror.) The thin remainder of tooth fractured vertically and horizontally immediately adjacent to the old amalgam. This fractured off box of tooth structure was small enough that by extension, using the old preparation of the amalgam, we were able to replace the amalgam with an all-ceramic inlay.

This inlay was completed with Vita Enamic (a dual matrix ceramic) milled in-office on the TS150e, same day. This restoration was scanned into the computer and completed immediately, without having to temporize the tooth. We upgraded our mill to the TS150e, in January of 2019, (while also upgrading the software to the latest version.)

If you need a restoration for a fractured tooth, you may be able to do it with an all-ceramic same day restoration such as: a crown, an inlay or an onlay. Call us at 512-454-2744 or book an appointment online.


Russell McFarlane DDS

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