Fractured Tooth – Before and After

7 May
fractured tooth

When a patient fractures a premolar, it depends on the angulation of the fracture, whether it can be saved with a crown or not. If the angle of fracture is oblique, (and comes out at a 45° angle, or even vertically then turns 90°,) then, a block of tooth breaks off, and the tooth can be rebuilt with a build-up and a crown. I will often rebuild these with minim pins placed very carefully 1.5mm from the outer edge of the tooth, this prevents tooth fracture, and keeps it out of the pulp chamber. Then, I will cure composite back onto the tooth and into the space around the pin(s) that are intended to retain the build-up. Then, you can make a crown. For premolars and anteriors, I like the beauty and strength of Obsidian (lithium silicate, which has almost the exact same properties as e.Max, lithium disilicate.) Here is a before and after from a recent emergency case that explains how this works.

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Dr. Russell McFarlane

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