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Monday, April 4,2016

We had the great joy of hosting the Kindergarten class of Gullett Elementary at McFarlane Dental last week. They came in for a field trip and had a blast. There was one little girl who answered unequivocally that she is going to become a dentist. She was feverishly taking notes during her whole visit to the practice. By the end of the field trip 5 or six other kids in her group had decided that they too were going to become dentists.

The night before their visit as I was planning on their arrival, I set out to create some slides to spur discussion, as we broke them up into 6 components; the first 40-45 students – we segmented into 3 groups, then, we had them rotate through 3 stations in the office. We repeated this with the second set of 40-45 students, thereby each station giving it’s presentation 6 total times. My staff was dynamite. I discussed digital dentistry and the changes that are taking place in our industry. Jena discussed fundamentals about baby teeth and instruments, and healthcare professions. Prema and Lisa focused on hygiene basics, brushing, flossing, healthy foods, dental check-ups.

I think the students who came through really had a blast. I know that some of the teachers took some pictures that I would love to share but I haven’t seen them yet.


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