Before and After: 3 Years of Invisalign with Orthognathic Surgery

22 Jun

shapeimage_2.pngThursday, June 26, 2014

We started this case with our eyes wide open. We knew it would require 3 stages: Stage 1: Invisalign to straighten the crooked teeth. Stage 2: Advancement of the lower jaw. Stage 3 below.

From the beginning, we knew that this case included a mandibular jaw insufficiency, Class II div 2. We spent a lot of time developing a plan that allowed all the teeth to remain and would allow us to finish with a correction to the crowding, canting, overlapping anteriors, and the midline correction.

After three years, a course of Invisalign, placing brackets on the teeth so that the jaw could be held in place post-operatively, continued correction using aligners, and a refinement phase using clear buttons and elastics, we finished stage 3. Stage 3: Finish straightening the teeth and settling the bite.

Here is the smile line improvement.


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