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22 Jun


A couple of really big dental changes took place for this patient over the past 3 years. I am going to detail the three most significant changes we accomplished with Invisalign, and bonding.

  1. I.I corrected end-on-end occlusion to finish the occlusion in mutually-protected occlusion.

Before her teeth were end-on-end, leaving her anteriors hitting tip-to-tip, which is not a protected occlusion and leads to the teeth chipping at the biting tip.

After we were able to correct the final position, we were able to move the lower arch behind the upper arch. This repositioning allows for a more nearly ideal very slight overbite so that the upper teeth disclude the lower teeth with “anterior guidance” and when the patient moves, her teeth are protected from contact in excursive movements.

  1. II.I corrected the archform in which teeth were very crowded and required movement to improve them into a harmonious position.

Before Invisalign, the upper arch had approximately 3mm of overlap with the canine (#11) positioned facially to #9, (#10 was missing and the canine was being used in lieu of a lateral).

After Invisalign, we were able to make archform smooth and harmonious.

  1. III.I reshaped the canine and added composite bonding to make the tooth look and feel like a lateral, improving the esthetics.

Before composite veneer bonding, the canine looked fairly obvious. The shape of a canine is pointed, leaving a triangular gap where the teeth should meet.

After composite bonding, we were able to approach the more square and ovoid shape of a natural lateral. If you look closely, you will note that the triangular space is gone and the spacing of the teeth looks more natural.

The before and after photos help to paint a picture of what is possible with a combination approach of orthodontics using clear aligners with some cosmetic bonding added to complete the esthetic effect.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


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