Guatemala, Here We Come!

Viva Guatemala!

With great excitement, I told the staff in December that I am headed back to Guatemala. I asked the critical question: “Who is coming with me?”

Last time we went as a team, Prema and Lisa joined the group. This time around Jena is coming on the trip. We have a team of around 80 people, including: dentists, a hygienist, hygiene students, and dental students.

I have been down to Central and South America many times to share the gift of dentistry with patients who need the care. We are excited to live out the mission of taking care of patients. We are responsible to take care of all the lost sheep, marginalized, poor, orphans, and widows. The Guatemala trip focuses on the community of San Raymundo, and we will serve primarily children.

We are thrilled to be going and we would ask that you pray for our work. Pray for the families we will meet. Send us your encouragement.


Comment on "Guatemala, Here We Come!"

  1. Shanda Sansing

    I am so happy to see that y’all are doing work in Guatemala. I served in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic ’88-’90. I was able to take people from my village to two different medical mission site. One regained her eyesight after getting cataract surgery. The other was ultimately able to live a more pleasant life after getting surgery for his cleft palate. Both were eternally grateful as you can well imagine. I sincerely appreciate that y’all are willing to spend your time, energy and talents in this worthwhile endeavor. xxoox

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