Comparison of Porcelain Veneers Vs Invisalign

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This case was finished using porcelain veneers. [Summary: 1. Patient has naturally small laterals that were restored initially with composite and slight tipping of the centrals. This case was completed with 4 veneers.]

This case was corrected with porcelain jacket crowns. [Summary: 2. Patient had previous restorations with composite, which was improved with 2 all-ceramic crowns.]

This case was improved with esthetic composite. [Summary: 3. Patient had space between her centrals (diastema), which was improved with composite filling material to close the gap.]

This case was completed using a no-prep veneer (Lumineer). [Summary: 4. Lumineer used to correct the spacing and improve the smile line. This approach used a minimal prep (virtually no prepping on the teeth.)]

This case was repaired using a blended esthetic composite. [Summary: 5. Composite used to correct the fractured tip of the tooth. This small filling corrects the microfracture at the tip of the tooth.]

This case was completed using a Invisalign for 3 years, with an extraction, and finished with 2 porcelain jacket crowns. [Summary: 6. The patient could stick her entire pinky between her upper and lower teeth. She wanted the best results possible, so, we removed 1 upper premolar on both sides, then, moved the teeth with Invisalign over the course of 3 years until the bite was acceptable, then, we placed 2 all-ceramic crowns over her central teeth, which had old discolored composite.]

This case was completed using Invisalign, coupled with an orthognathic surgical correction to the jaw position. [Summary: 7. The patient wore Invisalign in order to straighten the teeth. Once the teeth were straight, the jaw surgery was completed to advance the mandible. Then, after ~6-weeks of healing, the patient was given additional trays to continue the Invisalign to find a settled final position.]

This case was completed using Invisalign, and a finishing touch of reshaping the canine to look like a lateral. [Summary: 8. The patient had a missing lateral and the canine had already moved into that space. This caused the upper arch to be shorter than it should have been. This resulted in and end-to-end bite, where the front teeth were wearing down quickly. The patient corrected her bite using Invisalign in order to straighten the teeth. Once the teeth were straight, we reshaped the canine and added composite to blend the canine to make it look like the size and shape of a lateral.]

These are just a few of the cases, but, I hope they helped you see all the different things that are possible.


Dr. Russell McFarlane

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