Deep Bite Correction

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Here is a wonderful case that illustrates how effective Invisalign can be. One of the challenges we face when completing orthodontic treatment, (formerly braces,) is the resistant idea from some patients saying to themselves or out loud, 'A clear plastic tray couldn't move my case.' (or) 'My case is too tough for clear plastic trays.' So, here is a before and after that shows how significant changes to the bite, archform and tooth position can be completed with clear plastic trays, using a clear aligner strategy. AfterAfterAfterAfterAfterAfterAfterAfterBeforeBeforeBeforeBeforeBeforeBeforeBeforeBefore [instagram url=] I hope you enjoy this case. Thank you to the patient who graciously encouraged us to share her before and after photos so that other patients could be educated about what is possible. If you need to book an appointment, please call 512-454-2744 (or) Book Online… Read More »

Comparison of Porcelain Veneers Vs Invisalign

Book An Appointment Or Call Us: 512-454-2744 This case was finished using porcelain veneers. [Summary: 1. Patient has naturally small laterals that were restored initially with composite and slight tipping of the centrals. This case was completed with 4 veneers.] This case was corrected with porcelain jacket crowns. [Summary: 2. Patient had previous restorations with composite, which was improved with 2 all-ceramic crowns.] This case was improved with esthetic composite. [Summary: 3. Patient had space between her centrals (diastema), which was improved with composite filling material to close the gap.] This case was completed using a no-prep veneer (Lumineer). [Summary: 4. Lumineer used to correct the spacing and improve the smile line. This approach used a minimal prep (virtually no prepping on the teeth.)] This case was repaired using a blended esthetic composite. [Summary: 5.… Read More »

10th Anniversary of McFarlane Dental – Invisalign Special $1,110 off!

In celebrations of the 10th Anniversary of McFarlane Dental, I want to say thank you to [caption id="attachment_490" align="alignright" width="150"] 10th Anniversary celebration balloons[/caption] patients by celebrating for an entire year - the Year of Jubilee. We will be offering Quarterly Specials that will run for 3 months apiece. The first quarterly special will run from August 2018 through the end of October 2018. Invisalign Special - we are taking the pricing back 10-years. Normally, $5610. If you pay in full between August 1st, 2018 - October 31st, 2018, we will bill it out at the same fee we did in 2010, $4500. [Instant Rebate: $1110.] Schedule your consultation today online, or call: 512-454-2744. Exciting news about how we approach treatment: [We've learned a lot in 10 years.] We co-diagnose the case. Meaning: the doctor… Read More »

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Background When I acquired the practice of Sir Hal Moore, the practice did not have a program in place for payment plans. There are myriad reasons why payment plans can become problems for dental offices, which I will detail below. But, technology has come a long way since the days of having to mail in a check for a monthly payment plan. "Finally a system that is secure and allows patients to say yes to the care they need." Payment plans When we recently changed our credit card processing company, the new company was able to introduce us to the most modern platform, which uses technically savvy methods of safely storing and accessing financial information. I thought to myself, "Finally a system that is secure and allows patients to say yes to the care they need."… Read More »