Farewell Message from Prema

Prema Strecker, RDH, MS – August 2016

Greetings dear patients!

I want to let you all know that I’m retiring from my work as a clinical dental hygienist and from Dr. McFarlane’s dental practice. I’m really going to miss my beloved co-workers and patients, but my neck and back are thanking me! Also, I look forward to enjoying some empty-nest retirement time with my husband. I’ll continue peer co-counseling, singing with an a cappella group and, who knows, may even pick up my guitar again!

I have practiced dental hygiene for over 35 years, including 8 years at the City of Austin Public Health Dental Clinics. I’ve been here with the McFarlane Dental team for 7 years. A highlight was the 2013 Spring Break dental mission trip to Guatemala for a week, with Dr. McFarlane, Lisa, and 32 Texas dental professionals. We cared for 600+ kids and adults–an interesting and gratifying experience. This fall our team donated custom-fitted sports mouth guards to McCallum High School’s football players. I’m definitely going to miss my wonderful co-workers here, and you–our great patients.

But I won’t get bored, because I will continue my work through teaching. As an Adjunct Professor at Austin Community College, Department of Dental Hygiene, I am proud to continue working alongside exceptional faculty, talented students, and contribute to the pool of dental hygienists serving in central Texas & beyond.

Memberships and Recognitions:

  • American Dental Hygienists’ Association (current),
  • AISD’s Back-to-School Bash – Fluoride Varnish treatments (2015)
  • T-Bob’s Guatemala Spring Break Dental Mission Trip (2013)
  • Research Poster Presentations (2009)
  • UTHSC Master of Science (2008)
  • Teaching Excellence Course (2006)
  • City of Austin – Distinguished Service Award (1992)

Warm wishes to you, for good health and well-being,

Prema Strecker, RDH, MS


Comment on "Farewell Message from Prema"

  1. Mike Lasater

    You will surely be missed

  2. Jason Whitmire

    Thanks for the excellent care when I was a patient there. The education you provided while I was in the chair has kept me flossing a lot the past four years when I didn’t have insurance. Enjoy your retirement.

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