Farewell Message from Prema

Prema Strecker, RDH, MS – August 2016 Greetings dear patients! I want to let you all know that I’m retiring from my work as a clinical dental hygienist and from Dr. McFarlane’s dental practice. I’m really going to miss my beloved co-workers and patients, but my neck and back are thanking me! Also, I look forward to

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Poor Journalism

I just received a link today espousing the idea that flossing doesn’t do any good. There are very few fields of study that are as well studied as periodontal disease, biofilm development, calculus removal, inflammation, and bleeding. So, let’s debunk the poor journalistic effort that was made in the above article and I will bust out

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New design to the website

Do you like the new website design? If so, I had help. This summer, Lisa’s daughter Rachel has joined us working at the practice for a summer job. So, I have been having her work on many different tasks. One of these tasks has been to help update the look and feel of the website.

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