Farewell Message from Prema

Prema Strecker, RDH, MS – August 2016

Greetings dear patients!

I want to let you all know that I’m retiring from my work as a clinical dental hygienist and from Dr. McFarlane’s dental practice. I’m really going to miss my beloved co-workers and patients, but my neck and back are thanking me! Also, I look forward to enjoying some empty-nest retirement time with my husband. I’ll continue peer co-counseling, singing with an a cappella group and, who knows, may even pick up my guitar again!

I have practiced dental hygiene for over 35 years, including 8 years at the City of Austin Public Health Dental Clinics. I’ve been here with the McFarlane Dental team for 7 years. A highlight was the 2013 Spring Break dental mission trip to Guatemala for a week, with Dr. McFarlane, Lisa, and 32 Texas dental professionals. We cared for 600+ kids and adults–an interesting and gratifying experience. This fall our team donated custom-fitted sports mouth guards to McCallum High School’s football players. I’m definitely going to miss my wonderful co-workers here, and you–our great patients.

But I won’t get bored, because I will continue my work through teaching. As an Adjunct Professor at Austin Community College, Department of Dental Hygiene, I am proud to continue working alongside exceptional faculty, talented students, and contribute to the pool of dental hygienists serving in central Texas & beyond.

Memberships and Recognitions:

  • American Dental Hygienists’ Association (current),
  • AISD’s Back-to-School Bash – Fluoride Varnish treatments (2015)
  • T-Bob’s Guatemala Spring Break Dental Mission Trip (2013)
  • Research Poster Presentations (2009)
  • UTHSC Master of Science (2008)
  • Teaching Excellence Course (2006)
  • City of Austin – Distinguished Service Award (1992)

Warm wishes to you, for good health and well-being,

Prema Strecker, RDH, MS

Poor Journalism

I just received a link today espousing the idea that flossing doesn’t do any good.

There are very few fields of study that are as well studied as periodontal disease, biofilm development, calculus removal, inflammation, and bleeding. So, let’s debunk the poor journalistic effort that was made in the above article and I will bust out a few bullet points to make it clear.

I guess people can believe what they want, but, it is my job to at least force you to face reality, as it relates to flossing.