Restoration of old bonding with new bonding

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding can be an effective way to correct discolorations, and small areas of chipping. In this case, we were correcting some old bonding, which had discolored. Old bonding sometimes discolors due to yellowing of the old bonding agent, and sometimes it changes color due to staining around the edges with staining drinks and food, (e.g. coffee and tea.)

OLD Composite Pre-treatment

Before Bonding

1. Does this bonding look like it needs to be replaced?

At some point, your old bonding on your anterior teeth may require replacement to continue looking good.

Composite Bonding

After Bonding

3. After Composite Bonding

After composite bonding

Composite bonding on anteriors is a cost effective way to correct discolorations, chipping, and small defects. This case was perfect for bonding. If you want something for more complete coverage of the teeth, or to repair more significant damage, then, veneers or even full coverage crowns might be required.



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