Bicycle Accident – Dental Implant Replacement Case

X-ray: Patient presents after bicycle accident with fractured teeth. (2/19/18) One tooth was completely avulsed and the others adjacent were fractured in half. The patient was in a bad bicycle accident, which left her severely injured. Her most notable injuries were the fracture of her front teeth. One tooth (a central) came out completely, while the other three anterior teeth were fractured off. It was determined that the other central (think: front middle tooth) would also have to be extracted as the tooth was fractured in the root. The other teeth, the laterals would need crowns to restore them, but, could be saved. So, we proceded to extract and bone socket preservation graft the sites for #8 and #9. NOTE: If you are looking for the blurred out picture from the Instagram video, it can… Read More »

Dental Implants – (the 5 Ws of Critical Information)

Dental implants By: Dr. J. Russell McFarlane DDS If you need a dental implant, book an appointment to have your missing tooth replaced. You can book online or call our office at 512-454-2744. I will try to demystify the process of implants by answering the critical questions that every journalist is expected to address, the 5 Ws - who, what, where, when, why. Who is a candidate for a dental implant? If you have lost a tooth, then, you may be a good candidate for a dental implant. If you have a healed area, where a tooth has been removed, you may be a good candidate for an implant. Pro Tip during extractions: Patients who undergo ridge preservation bone grafting at the time of the extraction tend to have much more robust bone with which… Read More »