Saving an Otherwise Condemned Tooth

A patient presented after being told by another dentist that they could not save her tooth. I understand that some teeth are more difficult to save. But, the patient was not interested in getting an implant so we saved it. We placed 2 minim pins to retain the build-up in the area of the missing palatal cusp. I have successfully saved several teeth using the very small titanium minim pins. Because you carefully pilot the holes before placing them, when placed successfully, they do not significantly increase the risk of root fracture. [Note: if you complete a root canal and place a post in the root space, this is different than placing minim pins in the tooth, posts in the root space have been shown to increase the risk of root fracture. Luckily, we did… Read More »

Erosion, the Slow Path to Tooth Destruction Reversed

This case shows one of the dental conditions that is very familiar to anyone who has had a history of grinding and clenching. One of the complicating background factors of this case is a history of dry mouth. Dry mouth tends to accelerate erosion because there is not adequate salivary flow to flush off acids and sugars from the food we eat. Above: Images 1 and 2 show wear through the enamel and into dentin, which are scooped out. Below: Images 3 and 4 show the (4) lower anterior teeth with Obsidian-type all-ceramic crowns. Restoring the tips (incisal edges) of these teeth with composite was completed a few years ago. The composites were a stop gap restoration to slow the continued erosion. Because the teeth continued to erode around the edges of the composite, the… Read More »